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There’s nothing like the feeling of getting your first apartment in New York City. Nothing beats the excitement of having your own place and living close to world-class restaurants, bars, and cultural venues.

Global Realty Development, LLC is committed to providing suitable rentals to New Yorkers who want to have their own space, and who want to live close to all the opportunities that the city has to offer. Led by the father and son team of Joseph “Joe” Armato, Sr. and Joseph Armato, Jr., our company takes pride in helping landlords maximize the profitability of their rental properties.

We do this by representing landlords and helping them stage and present their apartments with professional real estate photos coupled with robust marketing. Our goal is to help them find the quickest and fastest way of renting their apartments and for the best price possible.

Our company owns and manages 22 buildings and over 100 tenants in the Bronx. We manage short-term and long-term rental properties through Airbnb and Multiple Listing Service.

Thanks to our substantial experience with property acquisition and management, we know what tenants look for in an apartment, and we understand the most common issues landlords run into.

That’s why we help underwrite great tenants – so landlords won’t have to deal with non-payments and evictions. Our goal is to create a win-win situation where both the landlord and tenant can thrive and agree upon fair terms and conditions.

We conduct a thorough and ethical background search with each new tenant to make sure that your apartment goes to someone reliable and trustworthy. Rarely does a broker invest as much time and energy into proper underwriting, but we believe that this process is critical to your success.

Contact us today for assistance with tenant underwriting and property management.

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