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Joseph Armato Sr

I wear two hats at Global Realty Development, LLC – one as Head Broker at the Real Estate portion and another as CEO of the management portion, facilitating real estate sales and acquisitions, and working closely with residential and commercial real estate investors.

My property portfolio has grown to more than $45 million, and I can’t wait to help you grow yours. With insight into the ways in which local market conditions directly and indirectly affect risk in property acquisition, my goal is to help you maximize your investments.

As a seasoned property manager and developer, my in-depth knowledge of the leasing and tenant screening process allows me to offer practical guidance on both the big picture scenario and day-to-day aspects of owning investment property.

Aside from forming strong relationships with tenants, I have built a robust network of construction professionals, bankers, and attorneys, providing convenient access to individuals who can make any real estate acquisition a success.

Having worked in Property Casualty Insurance at Sobelsohn in the 1980s, I’m also aware of the kind of coverage needed to protect your investment property and the belongings contained therein in the event of theft, vandalism, and more.

I’m also a long-time resident of the Bronx area, where I’ve spent the last 25 years purchasing, renovating, and renting apartments, providing affordable housing to those who need it most. I personally manage a total of 87 units to date.

I can truly say that I’m proud of the team we’ve built here in Global Realty Development, LLC. We’ve worked with seasoned and first-time property investors who have found great success in a competitive and exciting market like NYC. It takes guts to make it in the Big Apple, and our business has put us in touch with so many talented and driven individuals who see the untapped potential of this great city. Let us help you make your mark on NYC.

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